Today's Prescription: My Favorite Wash Day Products

Happy Hump Day fabulistas! I'm trying super hard to get over this hump today. This week is flying and dragging along all in the same breath. I'm still enjoying my internship, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't missing my family, friends, and my dog. My sister continues to send me pictures and videos of my dog so it's helping. I'm hoping he's not a problem child when I get back lol. Good new is though, my boyfriend is coming to visit me next week! Eeeeeekkkk. I'm like company, finally! I have so much planned, and I'm super excited for the fourth of July. :)

As ya'll know, I'm 10 months into the full blown natural thing, and I'd be lying if I said I'd found the perfect product for my hair. A lot of them seem to do the same thing-either they work, or they don't. I'm also super big on "wash and cowash day," and yes I deep condition. My hair is no good with build up and I itch just thinking about going too long without cleansing my scalp.Of course when  using products, you have to switch it up because your hair is like an immune system, it gets used to the same things being put in your body.  Today I wanted to highlight some of my favorite products to use for those hair days specifically.  I'd love it if you guys shared some of your favorite wash and cowash day products!

I love ya'll, stay fab!
Taliah Waajid 2-in-1 System: Now this is a mix of a lot of products that I may or may not use on wash day. I love the Conditioning Co-Wash on my cowash days. It leaves my hair strong, and my curls popping. Following the co-wash, I put the leave in on my hair to get it ready for styling. I like to use these two products before I throw on one of my wigs. SN: These are made for Type 3 hair, but they do what they can for my Type 4 hair.

Today's Prescription: "Fave Fridays: Face & Eye Edition"

Happy Fri-YAY fabulistas! I've been in Ohio, and I have finally found a photographer that I am hoping will fulfill my friend Brailey's shoes. Gah, I'm missing home today. In other news, I'm off to Kentucky for the weekend to visit my sorority sister who's doing her pharmacy residency there. I have a rental for the summer, so I'm gonna use it to my advantage and just drive. I'm excited because I've never been to Kentucky, so prayers for safe travels are welcomed, thanks boos.

Today I'm coming at ya'll with another post in my "Fave Friday" series about the products that I'm loving at the moment. Now I don't wear makeup, especially lashes because I like to let my skin breathe and I don't want to wake up super early for the process, but when I'm going out and wanna glam up, here are my go to products. All of them are linked below: 

1. Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray: For the oily girl in you, I promise you, your makeup will stay put once you spray this stuff on!
2. Elf Liquid Eyeliner: Affordable and gets the job done, great for a nice wing liner!
3. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: If you have long lashes that may not be so thick like mine, here's what you need.
3. Maybelline Matte Fit Me Poreless Foundation (Mocha, 360): Affordable, and stays all day, and if you're a WOC, be patient with choosing your shade.
4. False Eyelashes (Aliexpress): Super flirty and glam, but not too much, and they ship super fast!
5. Laura Mercier Setting Powder in "Deep": BEST SETTING POWDER ever! Don't debate me.
6. Wet N' Wild Highlighter "Crown of My Canopy": All I can say it, "watch out for me, I'm about to glowww."

I hope ya'll have a great weekend, I love ya'll bunches, stay fab!

Today's Prescription: Romwe Geometric Dress

Happy Monday loves! My time here in Ohio is flying by and I'm not sure what to do or how to feel about it. Good thing is, it is starting to warm up and I am so happy about it. I went out to the pool yesterday, and I realized that though I cannot swim, I need a new bathing suit, like yesterday. Hopefully I can get one soon so I can dip my feet in the water lol. That is all the summer will be getting from me this year. So, what have ya'll been doing with your summer and weekends? Okay, off to today's look!

Yes, here I am with another look from Romwe.  Ya'll know that I am in love with bold prints, perfect for the summer and this is how this dress got me! I'm obsessed with the ruffle detail at the bottom as well, it adds a bit of daintiness to the look. Though this dress is a little bit longer than I'd like, I think it's also the perfect for the office, which I spend most of my time at nowadays. So, just throw on a nice cardigan and go. I'm curious to find out what ya'll like to wear to the office?

As always, I love ya'll, and I wish you nothing but a great week. Stay fab!

Today's Prescription: B & W Jumpsuit

Happy Tuesday babes! I am slowly but not surely getting used to this weather in Ohio. It is freezing in June! I'm loving my internship but I'm missing the weather down South. Sorry, not sorry. Needless to say, I think it is time for me to get myself a Cavaliers t-shirt for fun. I could care less who wins the NBA championship, but it is nice to watch and witness all the trash talk between fans who have no professional experience. I love it. I'm excited for game three. What team are ya'll rooting for? 

Can I just say that this jumpsuit is everything?! Make Me Chic has done it again. To be honest, I'm very wary of wearing all white, but this jumpsuit had to be in my closet, and of course I had to share the wealth with my fabulistas. This jumpsuit is in stocking all sizes and can be found here.  It is perfect for a night out or a classy event. If you're like me, go with the classy event option, I always end up getting food on my white pieces, I'm such a slob. Anyway, ya'll need this jumpsuit in your life, and always, thank me later. 

Love y'all, have a great day! 

Today's Prescription: Seqined Dino Denim Top

Hump Days are one of the best days, only two more days until Friday! Okay, that was corny as ever, but hey my fabulistas! I hope ya'll are enjoying your week so far. Yesterday was my first day at my internship at Nestle USA and I really enjoyed it. I know it was my first day, but they gave us so much junk, candy for days, and all the swag you need. I will not get fat this summer, I will not get fat! Needless to say, I'm going to be taking advantage of Ohio while I'm here. Shopping, eating, and hopefully meeting Kyrie Irving. Don't judge me, you always need a plan B!

Ya'll know that Romwe is one of my favorite sites for shopping. They have the most unique clothing pieces for the lowest price. I've bragged on Romwe plenty of times before, so this isn't new to my blog at all. I love the denim on denim trend, I've worn it multiple ways a few different times, and I'll probably never let it die. So when I saw this sequined dinosaur top here, I wasted no time getting it. A denim top with sequined dinosaurs sewn on it? Umm, thank you! I styled this top with some distressed shorts, a nude pump, and my favorite hoop earrings. I'm cute, I'm content. Y'all have to check out Romwe.

I love yall, stay fab!