Today's Prescription: Melanin + Sunnies

Happy Hump Day loves! It's been a heck of a work week, and it's not over lol. However, can we just talk about Black Panther? I'm a Marvel fanatic, but this one is hands down my favorite! The cast was lit, and it had a powerful message behind it all. I'm trying to get to Wakanda yesterday, okay?
I actually wore this "Melanin" hoodie to see the movie on Saturday and you can find it here. I love graphic tees, but I love them more when they have the right message. For styling, I threw on a bomber, leggings, fitted boots, and these sunnies.
Ya'll know I love a good pair of sunnies. Literally obsessed with this style "Zoey," from Diff Eyewear. Diff Eyewear is not only about stylish eyewear, but for every pair of sunglasses sold, they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need. Come through charity! They have plenty of styles to fit whatever you like, so get to shopping & be sure to use my code 'adoseoffab' for 25% off your purchase.
I love ya'll, be blessed, and stay fab!

Today's Prescription: I'm Dating a Minister

"What's wrong with him?" Of course I asked my line sister Kayla because here I was staring at a picture of a guy with a huge smile, squinting eyes, a Cosby sweater, and carrying a Bible. Boy, she was pitching him, yall! "Nothing, he's just short," Kayla responded. That meant nothing to me, because everyone's taller than me. Then, I found out Ciapha had entered in the ministry year ago.
Now, I was freaking out because I knew God, but my relationship with God was on a rollercoaster because I wasn't consistent. Why? Because I put failed "situationships" before my relationship with God. So after getting that together, (it was a process that you cannot rush) I began praying for God to send me someone that would lead me closer to Him -- but a minister? I couldn't quote scriptures left and right, I cursed every now and then, and I was scared that I would have to change who I was because of the calling on Ciapha's life.
I was wrong. Ciapha made it clear that he wanted me to be me, and that I didn't have to change who I was because we were now dating. However, once the relationship progressed, I realized that I didn't want to do the things I used to. I'm telling ya'll, God was pulling on me! I wanted to learn more about God for not only myself, but for our relationship. I go to hear Ciapha preach every chance I can because it's beautiful to see his gift, and watch God use him, even though I'm nervous for him every single time.
Dating a minister is not easy though. He has classes, traveling obligations, and he still works a 9-5 that doesn't always stick to those hours. On top of that, we're long distance, sometimes I only get to see him for a day. So can it be frustrating? LORD YES! We belong to different denominations, so there's that, and the nosey church people lol. With all of this and then some, I constantly remember that this is what God has called him to do, and as a Christian, and girlfriend, I can't do anything but support it.
Though I prayed for somebody that would lead me closer to God, I also got a best friend. Besides being a minister, this man is just flat out corny, but makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. Ciapha is understanding, and I get the best of all worlds. I can call him when I don't understand something I'm studying in the Bible (why we have weekly Bible study), I can vent about anything, and I often drag him on shopping trips, and anything else I want to do.
With all this, I don't mind the church people, tired nights, and extra hour of church, well sometimes lol. I'm blessed to have his big head in my life.

Today's Prescription: Love and Limbo by Ciapha Dennis

I remember playing the game limbo as a child: two people stand on opposite ends of a bar (or stick of some sort) while holding it several feet from the ground. Participants take turns bending backwards to walk underneath the pole without touching it.

The bar starts high. Every time you successfully pass underneath, it’s lowered – sometimes until it’s only inches off the ground (I’ve never been that flexible).
The task to painstakingly bar-crawl underneath becomes more difficult and inconvenient every time it’s lowered. It becomes more challenging to bend-over-backwards and pass underneath.
Looking for love can leave you in limbo – if you let it.
I think we all have standards when we pursue an intimate relationship (or at least we should). When looking for a girlfriend (or boyfriend), we look for certain traits or characteristics that we find important. Your standards may be to find someone who is kind, caring and compassionate. Another standard may be an individual who likes sports. Maybe you desire someone with a job (duh) or you want someone who shares your faith.
Or, maybe, you just want someone who can cook and clean and doesn’t smell like onion rings.
Whatever these standards are, we all have them (even if they are trivial).
Unfortunately, at times, we are willing to lower our ethics for the sake of a relationship. We compromise our values to find someone who likes us.
I identify in that category. In search for a companion, I’ve been willing to ignore my values – including my faith.

As a Christian, the principals taught by Jesus Christ are important to me: love people, refrain from judgment, give to the poor, care for the less fortunate, pray.

Often times, we find that our generation is more concerned with identifying with Christianity instead of actually living out Christ’s teachings. We are more obsessed with social media posts that quote Scripture than living Scripture.
In the world of dating, I found that many women enjoy professing that they love the Lord. Some even enjoy going to church. But finding a woman whose actions align with Christian values can be challenging.
Of course, there’s the thing with me being a preacher. That scared some women away too, I’m sure. But that’s beside the point.
I felt that as a Christian man, I might have to compromise if I wanted to date. Finding woman serious enough about her faith, a woman who actually “practices what she preaches,” might actually be impossible. And I should “relax on all the God stuff,” as it were.
I’m happy that plan faltered and per usual, God intervened. Through mutual friends, I met a woman who does more than talk about Jesus or attends church on Sundays. She goes beyond simply quoting Bible passages under Instagram photos.
Every day, I witness Zaria’s selflessness, humility and kindness – all traits that Christ implores us to display. I see it in the way she treats her family and friends. I see it through her creative passion in blogging and fashion.
I’m ashamed to admit I’m quite the chief of sinners. I’m far from perfect.
I’m guilty of claiming to know God and living a life that contradicts his instructions.
Love is not about being “religious.” Finding companionship is not about finding someone who puts on a “holier than thou” front. We will never find the perfect person. Human beings are perfect beings.
But we should not have to lower our standards in order to find someone who makes us happy. I’m glad I did not have to play limbo to find love.
Thank you, Zaria.


Today's Prescription: How to Style a Graphic Tee

Happy Monday loves! New week, new day, new opportunities. I'm so happy to finally have made my transition to Charlotte. Yayyyy! Though I'm dying of all the unpacking, I'm super excited to be able to start with a blank canvas to be creative, I love interior decorating. The only thing missing is my couch, it won't be here for another 16 days, Lord Jesus. Ya'll pray for me and my patience.
Okay, I'm in a mood, that kind where you're like "I wanna dance with somebody, cause I'm every woman" type mood. Yes, I went there. I have a love/hate relationship with graphic tees because they are either overpriced, or I just get tired of them after a few washes. However, it's WHITNEY HOUSTON, and it was on sale here. Boohoo is just killing the game with the discounts, and I'm so grateful. For styling, I threw on my copper like pants from Zara, black pumps, and my leather jacket. So, before you're ready to get rid of your next graphic tee, just get creative.
I love ya'll, be blessed, and stay fab!

Today's Prescription: Striped Dresses + Name Necklaces

Happy Thursday dolls!! It's Friday Jr. and I'm so excited because move-in day is literally less than 24 hours away! I can't wait to start decorating, and getting everything together. My issue is that I'll move in on Saturday, and turn around and want the apartment to be done on Sunday lol. So impatient. On the flipside, I'm going to miss my parents okay? They spoil me and my dog so much that I'm not sure how either of us babies will handle this transition lol.

I love this dress ya'll. It sold out the first go round, but I just got it on sale two weeks ago, and I'm still obsessed with it. I like the tones of the dress, it looks fall-like, but I'd wear it year round. For accessories, I have to thank the peeps at Soufeel Jewelry. I now have a staple necklace, with my name on it! A nameplate necklace is simple, and can go with anything, which was perfect for this look. When you're being a "Plain Jane," but want an accessory, I think it's safe to say a necklace like this is a good go to. To get yours, click here, and enter 'Zariac115' for 15% off your order!

I love ya'll, be blessed, and stay fab!