Today's Prescription: Meow & Barks Boutique Skirt

Happy Hump Day boos! If you've been following me for a little while, you know that I love all things bright and patterned. So once I saw this skirt on Kela Walker, I just knew two things-it would be out of my budget, and I had to have it. I was right about both lol, but it's okay to treat yourself as long as it's not all the time.
I've been following Meow & Barks Boutique for awhile, they have the cutest pieces, AND they're a black owned boutique. It really feels good to support another black woman and seeing her business flourish. I encourage ya'll to shop with brands that are outside of the huge online retailers, and go small.
For styling, color is king of course, and another bathing suit as my top, (lol.) I wanted to let the skirt be the main attraction, so Perspex heels as well. Done.
I love ya'll, be blessed, and stay fab!

Today's Prescription: Zara Polka Dot Dress

Happy Monday dolls! The weekend flew by, but it definitely was well spent, and much needed. Time to crush these weekly goals!
Okay, if I haven't said it before, I'm gonna say it now, Zara is bae! Of course, I don't shop there   unless there's a sale, and this look is a result of that. This dress has me feeling all types of confident and just straight up fine! You see the shoulder pads, sis? Get into em! I love shoulder pads, and for awhile, it seemed like the only place I could get them was in a thrift store. But, look at God out here changing the game for us all lol.
For styling, I didn't want to do the most. A good bronzy metallic pump from GoJane, and my red lip in the color "Cherry Blossom" by ColouredRaine was just enough to complete my look.
Be blessed, I love ya'll, & stay fab!

Today's Prescription: The Minty Green Suit

Happy Thursday loves! It's almost the weekend, just keep pushing, we gone make it!
There's nothing more trendy right now than pants suits or a "power suit" as ya'll like to call it. They are literally all over my timeline, from everywhere! Zara, H&M, you name it, it's there. I've been wanting to join the suit game for awhile, (outside of the navy and blacks for work), but I've been going the frugal, but fabulous route.
This minty green suit is my third suit to make an appearance and it's my third suit from Boohoo. If you missed them, be sure to check out the first two here and here. Obviously, I haven't' pushed myself to spend $100+ on a suit yet, because I just haven't found the right one. It's a whole relationship, sis lol.  
For styling, I paired the blazer and trousers with a bathing suit top, yes a bathing suit top! Gotta use what you got, sis. This suit makes me feel super cool in the midst of this hot weather.  Of course, I wore my handy dandy perspex heels for a shoe. Nothing too fancy, ya know.
I love ya'll, be blessed, and stay fab!

Today's Prescription: Zara Multicolor Stripe Dress

Happy Monday loves! I had an amazing weekend with my family in Gaffney, and as always it was much needed. I won't talk your heads off about nothing and make you read everything, I'll get to the point lol.
Stripes are one of my favorite prints, so when there's a piece that combines both a pattern and color, I always take a chance at buying it. I love the ruched arch down the middle, it gives it a little more detail than just any other patterned midi dress. I snagged this dress from Zara's sale (it's very rare that I purchase items there for the full price). Hint: that's one of the tips I'll be talking a little more in depth on in my fabulous budgeting tip.
I love ya'll, be blessed, and stay fab!

Today's Prescription: Fashion Killer Graphic Tee

Hey dolls, Happy Hump Day! This week is flying by and I looooovvvvveeeee it! We are steadily pushing on through, and I can't wait until Friday.
It's no secret that I love graphic tees, so they're always making an appearance here on ADOF. I love that a good graphic tee can be versatile and allow me to play around with my styling options. I may wear a graphic tee to brunch, a shoot, literally anywhere! If you're not a huge graphic tee fan like me, they're always good for a day of running errands, get what you can out of it sis!
To add to my collection, I was sent this 'Fashion Killer' tee from Unklad the Brand and I love it! It's red, allowed me to play around with the styling, and super nostalgic. Unfortunately it's sold out, but Unklad has so many other products and pieces to offer (tees, handbags, etc.), so be sure to check them out. Never say I never put you on lol.
PS: I've worn this skirt on the blog three times, I told ya'll we're using what we already got to be fabulous.
I love ya'll, be blessed, & stay fab!