Today's Prescription: Chapter 26: Here's to Self-Care

Happy Birthday to me! I wanted to get straight to the point because I have some birthday things to do today haha! At twenty-five, I didn't always take care of myself, so today I'm sharing a few ways I'm diving into some self-care for twenty-six and beyond.

1. Reading: You can never stop learning and reading happens to be one of my favorite hobbies. I've made it a goal this year to read 19 books and the Bible by December 31st. Does that make it 20? Haha, I'll be sharing my list soon, so be on the lookout.

2. Praying: This should have been my first one listed. Everything begins and ends with prayer. I'm not gonna act like I don't get distracted, but time with God, is everything. If I ain't praying, I'm playing, and I need Him to take care of me.

3. Going to the doctor: Yes, I am still young, but my physical health is key! I had a doctor's appointment the other week and had a procedure that could have been avoided if I'd went to the doctor like I should have. Doctor me please!

4. Getting rest: I am a sleepy girl, and it's all my fault. I stay up like I'm still in college, and struggle in the morning. However, since January 1st, I've been going to bed earlier and getting up by 6:30 am. Let's see if I can get up by 5. 

5. Saying No, & Setting Boundaries: I work in HR, so I'm always helping people and being there for them. However, in all aspects of my life, I'm learning to say no, and make time for myself. Saying no feels good, and we all should take advantage of it. You can't be everything to everybody, but you have to be everything for yourself.

I love ya'll, be blessed, & stay fab!

Today's Prescription: VICI Green Top + Palazzo Pants

Happy Monday baes! 

This year, I want to be able to wear more palazzo pants or wide leg pants that actually fit. If you're a short girl like me, then you know the struggle. They constantly drag, which can lead to permanent stains or distressed hems. Ugh.  Now that it's winter, I can't possibly put my bright colors to the side either. Being able to create a look that seems impossible are a challenge that I'm up for. 

This top is from VICI, and they have the most bomb pieces, yall, OMG! Unfortunately, this top is sold out, but of course VICI has similar here. It was a "holiday" top, but can be worn year round. The pants are from a online retailer that isn't around anymore, but I'm glad I kept these pants after all these years. 

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I love ya'll, be blessed, & stay fab!

Today's Prescription: Pink with Vici Dolls

Happy Monday boos and baes!
Pink is my favorite color, ya'll already know! No matter how hard I try to stay away from it, it keeps pulling me in. Of course, this pink oversized sweater here from Vici Dolls was no different.  It's huge, so it's great for layering as I did, or for a day of lounging around the house. 
 I love this sweater because it's thick. Meaning, I don't have to wear a heavy trench coat with it. I love that I can walk outside in just this and be good for the day. For styling an oversized sweater like this, I opted for an oversized white button down and dark denim. For shoes, I wanted a print, so my leopard pumps where my choice for this look.
How are ya'll styling oversized pieces this year?
I love ya'll, be blessed, & stay fab!

Today's Prescription: Staying Fresh with Dove

Hey loves! I hope you all had a great week and I hope your weekend is bomb too! Staying fresh  is a priority for  me, and while everyone the weather is cooling down some days and hot the next, it's all about staying comfortable, cool, and fresh.

With it being winter, staying moisturized is key. Yes, lotions and butters are good for my skin, but my underarms are important as well. Under the thick sweaters and trench coats, I have Dove Advanced Care  protecting me from perspiration and odor. 

So with it being the new year, I plan on wearing my winter layers, but still staying cool and dry with Dove Advanced Care. 

I love ya'll, be blessed, and stay fab!

Today's Prescription: Vintage Blazers feat. Sixth Street Vintage

Merry Christmas Eve loves! I can't believe the best day of the year  is tomorrow. I'm done with Christmas shopping, but for some reason, I have a weird feeling I forgot something. Ya'll pray for me.   

This year, I've been highlighting my favorite black businesses on ADOF, and I will continue to do so because, black girl magic, black boy joy. 

I'm wearing this vintage blazer from Sixth Street Vintage (IG:@6thstreetvintage),  an online vintage clothing store owned by thrift goddess Tyra Sledge. I've been shopping with Tyra for a couple of years now, and her pieces just speak to me. There are a lot of online vintage stores out there, but I stick to what I know, and Tyra finds the best pieces at affordable prices, and she's always been professional. So, if you don't have time to go searching through thrift stores, Sixth Street Vintage is the place for you.

For styling, I wanted to go focus on the pearls-there's pearls on the jacket, so I paired my pearl embellished beret, with some vintage pearl clip on earrings. A LBD, some over the knee boots, and a red lip. Pow! I'm a vintage baddie today! 

What are some of your favorite online vintage clothing stores? Share below so I can check them out!

I love ya'll, be blessed, stay fab, & Happy Holidays!