The Addiction Goes Corporate Series: How To Stay Fab in the Office

Happy Friday dolls! It's the weekend and I'm introducing my first series! Three days after graduation, I became a working woman! Days leading up to my first day I wondered, will I still be able to look professional and fabulous at the same time? Of course, there is a dress code in the office, but you can still be stylish in the corporate world. For the next two months, I'm gonna show you how I stay glam in the office. Some quick, helpful tips are below! 

1.   Blaze it up: Blazers are the finishing touch, they can be worn year round, plain or printed!
2. Heels: We all love them, but make sure you’re reaching the sky, not Heaven.
3. Accessorize: Accessories always make a look go from drab to fab!
4.  Color: A pop of color is always needed, but let’s make sure it passes the color test for the office. it can even be your lipstick!

First post of this series will be up Monday! I can't wait to show you guys! Happy Friday!

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