Today's Prescription: Feeling...B.I.G.

 "To all the ladies in the place with style and grace..." "BIG Poppa" is playing in my head, and you better believe, I know every word!  I told y'all I'm obsessed with the 90s, but this look takes me back to childhood when Notorious B.I.G. would come on the radio. He's one of my favorite artists of all time, and I'm a music junkie. Who is your favorite artist or favorite genre of music? 

Destroyed tees are seriously trending right now, and I may be a little late, but I've joined the movement. I haven't really shown you guys the tomboy side of myself, and I'm wondering why I didn't put on sneakers with this look, I guess the girly girl in me couldn't stay away. These shirts are being sold everywhere, but I encourage you guys to make this a DIY project, and have fun with your creative side. All you need is a thrifted shirt, scissors, and bleach. It was very relaxing for me. Fabulistas, have a great day, I love ya'll, stay fab! 

Top: Ebay, Bleached & Distressed by Me
Leggings: Charlotte Russe
Heels: Belk
Hat: Rainbow
Hoops: It's Fashion
Choker: Ebay
Lips: "Rooch" Ultra Matte Lip (Colourpop Cosmetics) 


  1. I saw this on instagram I just love it! The whole look is awesome

    Life is just Rosie

    1. Aww thank you Rose! I had so much fun with it!

  2. One of my favorite artist of all time and one of my favorite posts! It's so edgy and chic. Keep up the dream sis!

    1. Thanks love! This was more than an shirt to me, even though I had so much fun making it...I really had to pay homage to one of the greats! Love you! Xoxo