Today's Prescription: B.G.S.

Fabulistas! It's Monday, but I'm not even mad, I only have two days of classes this week, and then it's Thanksgiving! I'm so excited to eat, spend time with my family, and wrap it all up with Black Friday craziness. What are your plans for the holiday? 

I love a good DIY. From furniture to the clothes I wear, I'm always looking to revamp things. These DIY painted jackets have been floating all over social media with different messages such as "Black Girl Magic" and "Black Lives Matter," so I wanted to make one of my own. I'd been searching everywhere for an oversized denim jacket, and not one thrift store had any. Then, one day my brother visited me and gave me the one off his back. Having siblings can have its advantages at times.

 As a fashion blogger, it's important for me to embrace who I am as a black woman, and use my voice to express how I feel. That's why I chose to write "Black Girls Slay" on my jacket. Black girls always have and always will "slay." "Slay" to me means, getting an education, chasing your dreams, doing what you have to do to better yourself, in the midst of adversity. In a country where race relations are broken, being a black girl, in this moment, in this time, is LIT. I'm in love with my melanin, and  I'm proud of who I am and where I come from. I'll take the beautiful struggle because my culture is so rich. To all my black girls out there, keep slaying, there's nobody out there like us. What makes you proud of who you are? 

I love yall, and wish you a great day and Thanksgiving! Stay fab!