Today's Prescription: Fashion Killa Hoodie

It's 2017, ahhhhh! Not only that, but there are only 13 more days until my 24th birthday. I can't begin to tell ya'll how excited I am that old things have died, and new things are coming to pass. I will say, all my fellow bloggers have been slaying out here lately! Ya'll have me going crazy every time I refresh my timeline or read a new post. Hats off to ya'll. 2016 wasn't the best, but this is about to be a year of wins for us, and we're about to kill it! With this "killa" attitude, I decided to come at my fabulistas with a look to match, literally.

It is quite rare for me to rock cropped hoodies, but as you all know by now, if I like it, it's mine. So, here I am, out of my comfort zone, and I love it. This look is giving me "Around the Way Girl" vibes. Hey Mr. Cool J! If I still attended kickbacks, I think this look would pass the test, unless you're like me and wore heels to those parties in undergrad lol! 

 I purchased this hoodie from and unfortunately, it's sold out, but you can purchase similar here. Of course, these jeans are from none other than Fashion Nova, and they are the perfect fit. I'm thinking about snagging a few more pairs, yeah, I have a problem. 

Happy New Year dolls! I'm spreading nothing but love and positivity your way! 

Hoodie: Shein
Jeans: Fashion Nova
Shoes: Converse



  1. I have a pretty versatile style and let me tell you this is one of them. I love this casual "Around the Way Girl" Look. Its DOPE!!!

    Brianna Steele, WWW.SHEISSIC.COM

  2. Thank you Brianna and yes you do I love your bold style! I need to embrace looks like this a little more. Thank you for stopping by love! Xoxo

  3. Street style at its best! Love your style girl.