Today's Prescription: Girl Buy! Clear Wine Flask

Happy Thursday loves! The fact that it's almost the weekend is killing me for the first time in my life. My Christmas Break is going by a little too fast for my liking, but at least it's another day closer to Christmas. I'm also halfway done with my shopping, yes!

Today I'm coming at you guys with a dope product I received from Girl Buy!. Girl Buy!, was founded in 2011 by girl boss and entrepreneur Jamay Stokes. Jamay primarily began the company designing unique jewelry pieces, and for the past five years, the company has expanded to creating products such as customized flasks, clutches, Starbucks coffee cups, and so much more!

If you know me, you know I love wine on a good Friday night after a long stressful week. I'm not an alcoholic by any means, in fact, I'm a major lightweight. Ask my friends and sorority sisters lol! This flask is different from the usual glass, and it has the cutest graphic on it. Perfect for my life! It's cute, huge in size, and this photo just doesn't do it justice! On top of all of this, it's good quality, so your liquid doesn't go flinging everywhere. 

Ya'll have to visit Jamay's site and support the Black Girl Magic! I'm telling ya'll, this is a small business that has so much to offer! I've put the link to Girl Buy!'s website below as well as its social media accounts.Thank you Jamay for sending me this cute flask, and I will definitely be buying more of your products in the future! 


Instagram: @GirlBuy
Facebook: LoveGirlBuy


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