Today's Prescription: Her Hair is Her Glory

Happy Hump Day baby loves! I hope you all are enjoying your week, because we only have two days until Friday. Heeeyyyyyy! I'm so excited. Two exams down, two more to go. Shout out to all my ladies out there chasing your dreams. In time, it's all going to come to pass. 

As you all can see, I'm wearing my natural hair out! I started transitioning after my last relaxer in April 2015. At one time, I had long and thick relaxed hair, but I had a setback and decided to try something different. I began wearing sew ins a little more and my hair stylist suggested that I just go natural.  Of course, I wanted to keep my hair regimen as is, but after having multiple setbacks with my relaxed hair, I began my process of going natural. I did not do a big chop, so I kept protective styles in my hair while cutting off little by little. Guys, I really did not know what I was doing lol. In August of this year, I finally cut the rest of my relaxed ends and I finally decided to wear it out a few weeks ago to let my hair breathe. 

Can I just tell ya'll that I am infatuated with my hair! It may be thick 4c hair, but hey, it's mine. It's full and beautiful and I'm confidently wearing it. My go to products are Eco Styler Gel, Olive oil (duh), and most Shea Moisture products, especially their leave-in conditioner. I have a go to hairstyle, the puff of course! I really should name her.  Going natural was not the easiest transition, but it's been one of the best decisions I've made. 
If you're relaxed, natural, whatever, it doesn't matter as long as you love yourself. You're beautiful regardless. Remember that. Rock your hair how you like, just make sure you take care of it and maintain its health. 
So what do you love about your hair and how do you keep it healthy?


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