Today's Prescription: How I Whiten My Teeth With Smile Brilliant

Happy "insert day" dolls! Today's post is a little different, and as an added bonus there is a giveaway, so ya'll have to read this one! As an added bonus, you can go to Smile Brilliant known receive a 5% discount by using the code 'adoseoffab.'

If you know me, then you know that I am super conscious about my teeth. I didn't get Invisalign until college, but before then, I always tried to keep my teeth as white as possible. I used pre-brush whitening, as well as whitening strips, but of course nothing was long-term enough to my liking. Then I got the opportunity to do a collaboration with Smile Brilliant, which included custom-fitted trays for my teeth specifically. Talk about a game changer. If you drink coffee and dark sodas or simply want whiter teeth like myself, Smile Brilliant is perfect for you, and the best part about it is, it's professional teeth whitening you can do at home!

The Process: Once you place your order, Smile Brilliant will send your teeth whitening kit which includes whitening gel, desensitizing gel, instructions and supplies needed to create your custom impressions. After producing your impressions, (which was the coolest part) you mail them to Smile Brilliant in your pre-paid envelope. Once you receive your trays, you can begin your journey to your pearly whites.  You can learn more about the trays here.

My Experience: Now, I had a little bit of decalcification while using Smile Brilliant, but I was glad to learn that there are plenty of people who experienced it just like me. The desensitizing gel worked wonders for me with this. Learn more about it here. The process was so simple, and you can whiten between 45 minutes to three hours, which I usually did after dinner, before bed. FYI, you shouldn't whiten any longer than three hours. My results are below, and I am amazed at what I see when I smile. These shots were taken after about seven applications. At home teeth whitening is where it's at. To back me up, you can access other whitening reviews here

Giveaway: Okay, here is what you have been waiting for. The wonderful team at Smile Brilliant wants one of my fabulistas to have a beautiful, white smile too. They are sponsoring a giveaway which includes a $139.95 store credit which will include 1 tray creation kit & 6 gel syringes (3 whitening and 3 desensitizing or 6 whitening).
How to Enter: To enter the giveaway first, you must click here. This giveaway will also be hosted through Instagram, so in order to enter, you have to follow me (@adoseoffab) as well as Smile Brilliant (@smilebrilliant). The giveaway will close in 2 weeks. 

*This post was created in collaboration with Smile Brilliant.


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