Today's Prescription: How to Curl Your Hair feat. Usmooth Curling Iron

Happy Friday loves! I hope you all are having a great day! So, I've kinda started a Youtube channel (adoseoffab) that I will be incorporating with my blog. I promise, I won't be neglecting my style posts, so don't worry! Now, try not to drag me too hard because I'm still trying to figure this stuff out, so just bear with me. 

Usmooth is company that specializes in providing the best luxury professional hair care products and hot tools. All of their products are sulfate free and include sunflower oil, which naturally moisturizes the hair as well as acting as a UV protectant. Usmooth was kind enough  to send my their shampoo, conditioner, curl lotion (yes for the curls,) and a 1" curling iron. I used the iron before taking down my install and it is amazing! It has multiple heat setting, but my curls came out full and glamorous! This was only my second time using a curling iron like this, but it wasn't too bad. Their products also left my hair clean, conditioned, and easy to come through. I definitely say Usmooth is a company worth looking into for your hair needs!

Be sure to watch the video, like and subscribe! I have so much more in store for my fabulistas!

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