Today's Prescription: How To Style Chokers

It's Hump Day! I'm grateful to see another day, and this day is literally a hump that I have to painfully get over. I have a three hour class tonight until 8:30! Who comes up with these things? I feel like I'm being punished, but I gotta boss up or get bossed around.

Today I'm coming at my fabulistas on how to style chokers. Chokers were really on the scene during the 90's, and as always, we millennials have picked them up like they are a new discovery. I'll let us live, I guess. I will say, we stepped up the game by showing our creativity with styling them. I love chokers, so I'm all choked up! Now, for the most part, you all have seen these chokers on the blog already, but I wanted to highlight the versatility of chokers when it comes to styling them. Keep reading for more tips on how to style these accessories.

The Holographic Choker: You can purchase this one here. The holographic choker is an accessory that does all the talking for your look, meaning a fabulista can dress down, and putting on a choker as showy as this one, will allow you to not have to do much else to make your look pop. I have to say, this one is my favorite! Ya'll know I'm addicted to anything that glitz and glam. This entire look will be on the blog soon.

The Lace-Up Choker: You can find this baby here. The lace-up choker is for a grungy, vampy look. You won't have to do much, because the lace details does it all for you. I would style this choker with an all black outfit to bring out the inner dark side. Let's include some closed-toe booties, black denim, a black bodysuit, topped off with a leather or longline jacket. This look will be coming to the blog soon as well.

The Skinny Velvet Choker: This one is a choker that you can find any and everywhere. To make it easy, just click here. Most people wear this choker in black, but a lot of places have it in numerous colors, so play around and have fun with it. I'm all about an accessory that let's me do something different. For this one, pair it with a top that's not all the way on your neck, or even a crewneck top or dress like I did here

The Plastic Choker: Now, this one really takes me back to the 90's. I swear, it was in every movie and show back then! You can find it for the low here, or if you don't feel like ordering it, find your nearest bubblegum machine and buy it from there. This choker is another "go-to" because I will literally stretch it around my neck whether I'm wearing a dress and oversized jacket, as pictured here from this post, or something more grungy. I would even throw it on with an oversized tee, and jeans. The possibilities are endless, so get to putting that look together girl!


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