Today's Prescription: It's My Birthday!

It's my birthday, it's my birthday. (In my 2Chainz voice lol). Today I'm saying goodbye to Jordan and hello to Kobe! See what I did there? I've had an amazing weekend surrounded by my line sisters and friends and I've definitely had some crazy adventures. A lot of people don't make a big deal about their birthday, but my birthday is special, okay? God is so good and I am so blessed to have made it to see twenty-four. I'm almost thirty, but I'm embracing this time of my life. 23 was good, but 24 is about to be lit! I'm claiming it now. 

I wanted to do something simple, yet  fun for my birthday shoot. I blew up some balloons and let Party City do the rest for me. When I tell ya'll I had a blast shooting this, I am such a big kid at heart. I mean who doesn't want to jump on their bed at my age? I'm only five feet tall, so I'm pretty fun sized. My look is very simple, and this is usually what I wear to bed or when I'm just chilling around the house. I purchased this oversized denim shirt from the thrift store and my socks are from Victoria's Secret. Tonight, I'm going to California Dreaming for my official birthday dinner, and I've been waiting to eat those croissants! They are so good! 

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! I love ya'll and stay fab! 

Top: Thrifted
Socks: Victoria's Secret

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