Today's Prescription: Klasse14 Watch Review

It's Wednesday loves! Thank you Jesus! I hope ya'll are having a wonderful day and week! I have a watch review coming for you all today!

A few weeks ago, Klasse14 was generous enough to send me this beautiful watch from their amazing collection. This watch pictured is the "Volare Rose Gold," with the burgundy strap. I told ya'll, I'm a vampster. Klasse14 is a company of luxury watches that caters to our generation with their unique designs. Klasse14 literally has a watch for anyone, no matter their person style. Their collections are eclectic enough to be worn by someone who is obsessed with time, or the girl that just wants to have a cute accessory on her wrist. Not only are these watches nice, but they are of great quality, as well. I'm sold, and you should be too! 

Be sure to use my discount code "adoseoffab" to get 12% off your purchase! You can keep up with Klasse14 on their social media handles below:
Instagram: @KLASSE14
Twitter: @KLASSE_14
Facebook:  KLASSE14

I wish you all a beautiful day and rest of the week! Stay fab! 



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