Today's Prescription: The Yellow Leather Jacket

It's Wednesday, and I'd be lying if I said I'm relieved. This has been a trying week, and it's still not over! I'll be able to breathe a little after tomorrow, thank God. Random, but I've been listening to some podcasts lately and I have a new favorite, "Stage 30" by Su & Tray. Ya'll, these women have beeen speaking into my life. Though I'm still in my twenties, it's good to know I'm not alone in my experiences as a woman. From being single, hair, and friendships that have reached their limits, you know, the usual, they address it all. I'm trying to tell ya'll, these ladies are dropping some serious jewels. 

Off my tangent, I'm feeling like Big Bird in this jacket, but I'll be the cutest one you ever seen lol! I had been searching all over the world for a yellow leather jacket within my budget. I came across this one here from Aliexpress. You may be thinking, Aliexpress, what? I'm telling you, this jacket can go toe to toe with the jacket from Zara. It's great quality, and the shipping was quick. When styling this jacket, I threw on my OG mesh dress with my metallic oxfords. I've had these shoes for two years and this is my first time wearing them. I have to do better, but this won't be the last time you'll be seeing them. 

Deets on this look are below, love ya'll! 

P.S. how dope is this wall? People can actually paint on it, I'm gonna get real artistic next time I visit!

Jacket: Aliexpress
Dress: Marshalls
Shoes: Forever 21


  1. Love, love, love! It's inspiring to see a young black girl rocking the fashion world like this. I haven't found a lot of people to look up to in this field! I just followed on insta.

    1. Aww thank you Katherine! That really means a lot! I'm glad to have your support!

  2. Beautiful vibrant color!!!! Love he silver oxfords!!!

  3. Love the colors! This outfit is gangster!