Today's Prescription: B & W Jumpsuit

Happy Tuesday babes! I am slowly but not surely getting used to this weather in Ohio. It is freezing in June! I'm loving my internship but I'm missing the weather down South. Sorry, not sorry. Needless to say, I think it is time for me to get myself a Cavaliers t-shirt for fun. I could care less who wins the NBA championship, but it is nice to watch and witness all the trash talk between fans who have no professional experience. I love it. I'm excited for game three. What team are ya'll rooting for? 

Can I just say that this jumpsuit is everything?! Make Me Chic has done it again. To be honest, I'm very wary of wearing all white, but this jumpsuit had to be in my closet, and of course I had to share the wealth with my fabulistas. This jumpsuit is in stocking all sizes and can be found here.  It is perfect for a night out or a classy event. If you're like me, go with the classy event option, I always end up getting food on my white pieces, I'm such a slob. Anyway, ya'll need this jumpsuit in your life, and always, thank me later. 

Love y'all, have a great day! 

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