Today's Prescription: Booties and Tights

Happy Thanksgiving Eve dolls! Today I'm on babysitting duty with my niece. Lord knows I thought I was going to get to sleep in for the day, but I was very wrong. She not only called at seven this morning, but she came running down the hall. She was so cute though ya'll, all happy and five years old. Moments like this is why I love the holidays. I can't wait until tomorrow though, I need to find my outfit asap!
Berkshire Hosiery reached out to me to style a couple of pairs of their tights, and I can't get enough of them! I really have a soft heart because their tights are made in North Carolina, and the best part, they're super affordable. For my look, I decided to go with something simple. A grey suede mini skirt and white turtleneck top, paired with some perspex heel black booties. I love tights these tights because they're comfortable and perfect for easy styling. I actually would wear this look on a date or a fun day out with the girls. I can't wait to style my next pair. 

I love ya'll, have a great day, and stay fab!

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