Today's Prescription: White on White

Happy Monday dolls! Thanksgiving is three days away and I am so excited. The amount of food that I'm going to eat is going to be crazy! However, what I really excited to be in the kitchen with my mama. The pecan pie, macaroni and cheese, dressing, ham, and yes, chitterlings. Ya'll better not judge  me for that last one. Those things will change your life. 

White after Labor Day? I really don't think anyone follows that rule anymore, including me. When it comes to personal style, do what you want. I can't stress that enough. Trends are great, but do your own thing. I got the inspiration for this look from Pinterest, and I wanted to recreate it myself. I got both this sweater and pants from Boohoo, and you can find them here and here.  I've been shopping from Boohoo a lot lately, the sales get me every single time, so I don't feel bad because it's on discount. I have an issue. 

Have a great week and holiday, I love yall, stay fab!


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