Today's Prescription: Avalanche Pullover

Happy Tuesday loves! So today I'm not gonna write your heads off, but I just wanted to say hey! I'm still getting ready for the move-which is twelve days away, and I have a lot left to pack, pray for me. Still getting adjusted to my new job, and still listening to those podcasts ya'll suggested. So with the first month of the new year coming to a close, I have to ask, how is it going for ya'll?

This year, I planned to work out more and be healthier, but I ain't gone flex on ya'll, I haven't worked out, but I'm drinking my water though. So to combat the laziness, I'm investing in active wear that will have me ready to hit the gym and look cute, yes I'm that girl. This pullover is made by Avalanche, an outdoor supply company. Avalanche has all the pullovers, jackets, and vests you need to work out in or run errands. I think I'm gonna monogram my pullover. Until I get in the gym, I'll be wearing this to run my errands in.  Thank you Avalanche for sending me the sample!

I love ya'll, and stay fab! 

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