Today's Prescription: Black on Black

Happy Monday dolls! Today I’m in Georgia for training with my job, and I’m excited to already have the opportunity to learn more so early on in my career. Yesterday, I did some shopping at Lennox, simply because there’s a Zara there, and of course they had a bomb sale. I’m excited to share the pieces that I got with my fabulistas soon. In other news, only five more days until I move to Charlotte! Ahhh! Okay, I’m excited, but I’m going to miss my parents, my mom cooks breakfast every morning, and my dad takes care of Blue and fixed everything. I’m such a baby, and it’s all their fault.

For today’s look, I went for “black on black” and I don’t wear black often, but I do appreciate it. You can never go wrong with it, and it goes with legit everything lol. I got this puff sleeve sweatshirt from H & M, (please don’t bite my head off), it was before the the mess went down, and these leggings are from Charlotte Russe. Almost three years later of starting my blog, and I’m still shopping where the teenagers shop, but I’m rocking it. You should always the confidence to buy something from the thrift store or wherever to show off your style and kill the game! 

I love y’all, be safe, and stay fab! 

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