Today's Prescription: Boho Chic

Happy Monday loves! It's my birthday!!! Oh hey twenty-fine and thrive honey! Yes, I said it, this year is gonna be all about thriving. I can't lie, twenty-four was a good year, a year of learning, growing, and stretching, but it was a good stretch. Though I have to work today, it's all good. I had an amazing weekend thanks to Ciapha, we went wine tasting, shopping and out to eat in Savannah. I had a blast and I feel so loved, I didn't spend too much money either. 

If you know me, you know I love a good hat, okay? So when Scala sent me this hat, I knew I wanted  to style it in a different way than I normally would. It's rare that I go for a boho chic look, but I wanted to bring out a look that would complement this hat and its band. So, I slicked my natural hair back and let my pieces come together. Black flare pants from SwankAPosh and black turtleneck from Forever 21. Added in my accessories, and bam, we here baby. This may be my favorite look of the year, but we'll see. 

I love ya'll, have a great day, and stay fab!



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