Today's Prescription: JustFab Boot Season

Happy Hump Day fabulistas! Today I'm coming at ya'll with a post brought to you by JustFab. If you're unfamiliar with JustFab, no worries, I got you. JustFab is a fashion-subscription, online site that has whatever you need in the world of shoes, apparel, and handbags. You go to the site, take a site quiz, and each month, you get a showroom of styles based on your results. You can even become a VIP which is a program that gives members perks and rewards when they refer a friend, and you can cancel anytime. As a loyal VIP, I can attest that this program is all you need, and it's affordable. 

 It's definitely boot season, and of course the folks at JustFab were nice enough to send me this boots in the style Estrella. I've been dying for a pair of cream boots, to expand my collection. They're versatile, comfy, and I love the fact that their the perfect median of a thigh high and ankle boot. What I love about JustFab is that they are consistent. My shoes are always good quality and shipping never takes forever and a day for me. If you haven't hopped on the JustFab train for boot season, you're missing out. Thank you JustFab for sponsoring this post for me and my fabulistas!

I love yall, stay fab!

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