Today's Prescription: Selena Sweatshirt

Happy Hump Day loves! When I tell ya'll I feel like a different person, I'm still a grandma, but on level 1,000. Commuting from home to Charlotte for work is killing, and I've been going to bed no later than 10:30 every night. I need a nap haha! That drive in the morning is clutch though, those talks with God and listening to posts are worth every mile. Some of my favorites are "Froesha's World,"Black Girl Boss, and "Hashtags and Stilettos." The countdown is still on though, only seventeen days until I move, and I'm so excited. 

I LOVE the movie "Selena," and my favorite line is "Anything for Selenas" lol! Selena was such a baddie, and is still killing the game all these years later. Forever 21 is literally the graphic tee mecca, so I saw this sweatshirt and had to pick it up, being all vibrant and super easy like I like my comfy wear to be. I love this sweatshirt because they really didn't tax on this one, it was on $24, which is good for a Selena sweatshirt, because other places tax for graphic tops and sweatshirts, like really? For styling, I paired this sweatshirt with a denim jacket, leggings, and booties. This look is perfect for  a day of running errands. 

I love ya'll, stay warm, and stay fab!



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