Today's Prescription: I'm Dating a Minister

"What's wrong with him?" Of course I asked my line sister Kayla because here I was staring at a picture of a guy with a huge smile, squinting eyes, a Cosby sweater, and carrying a Bible. Boy, she was pitching him, yall! "Nothing, he's just short," Kayla responded. That meant nothing to me, because everyone's taller than me. Then, I found out Ciapha had entered in the ministry year ago.
Now, I was freaking out because I knew God, but my relationship with God was on a rollercoaster because I wasn't consistent. Why? Because I put failed "situationships" before my relationship with God. So after getting that together, (it was a process that you cannot rush) I began praying for God to send me someone that would lead me closer to Him -- but a minister? I couldn't quote scriptures left and right, I cursed every now and then, and I was scared that I would have to change who I was because of the calling on Ciapha's life.
I was wrong. Ciapha made it clear that he wanted me to be me, and that I didn't have to change who I was because we were now dating. However, once the relationship progressed, I realized that I didn't want to do the things I used to. I'm telling ya'll, God was pulling on me! I wanted to learn more about God for not only myself, but for our relationship. I go to hear Ciapha preach every chance I can because it's beautiful to see his gift, and watch God use him, even though I'm nervous for him every single time.
Dating a minister is not easy though. He has classes, traveling obligations, and he still works a 9-5 that doesn't always stick to those hours. On top of that, we're long distance, sometimes I only get to see him for a day. So can it be frustrating? LORD YES! We belong to different denominations, so there's that, and the nosey church people lol. With all of this and then some, I constantly remember that this is what God has called him to do, and as a Christian, and girlfriend, I can't do anything but support it.
Though I prayed for somebody that would lead me closer to God, I also got a best friend. Besides being a minister, this man is just flat out corny, but makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. Ciapha is understanding, and I get the best of all worlds. I can call him when I don't understand something I'm studying in the Bible (why we have weekly Bible study), I can vent about anything, and I often drag him on shopping trips, and anything else I want to do.
With all this, I don't mind the church people, tired nights, and extra hour of church, well sometimes lol. I'm blessed to have his big head in my life.

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