Today's Prescription: Thrifty Colorblock

Are we still thrifting in 2018? Serious question. I haven't been in so long because I don't know where all the hot spots are in Charlotte, but when I find them, it's a done deal. In college, I would love to hit up a thrift store after church (they had sales on Sundays) and just ball out. Sigh, I miss those days.
I actually got inspiration for this look for the oh so stylish icon Tracee Ellis Ross. I love her, I love her, I love her! I found a similar look she was rocking on Pinterest, and I just wanted to recreate it. So, I put together this sweater top and midi skirt that I thrifted a few years ago, and I'm obsessed with  this look.  Just a friendly reminder to not sleep on thrift stores, and use what you got in your wardrobe to create something new.
I love ya'll, be blessed, stay fab!




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