Black Boutique: Dress Turned Top feat. Taylored Girl Boutique

Happy Tuesday! I hope this post finds you in the most fabulous state ever! Today, I'm highlighting another black owned boutique, Taylored Girl Boutique. Taylored Girl Boutique is owned by fashion influencer and my Soror, Marshella Taylor. I love Marshella's business because she is glam, and her pieces are everything I adore, bright and full of prints. She just launched her business, but she's already making strides in the fashion business, & I'm so excited to see what's next. P.S. they have a 30% sale going on right now!
If I told ya'll my top was a dress, would you believe me? Well, it is. It's the Tropical Mini Dress found here. The dress is gorgeous, but I wanted to play around with the styling (use what you have to get creative). The print went perfectly with these lilac pants, to combine that print and color look I'm always trying to go for.  How do you all use what you have to create something else?
I love ya'll, be blessed, & stay fab!



  1. Did you cut the dress? This is beautiful & you look amazing per usual! -Leslie Latrice

    1. Hey Leslie boo! No I didn't cut it thank God, I just tucked it, and it worked! Thank you love!

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