Today's Prescription: Shopping is Sweeter with Cinnabon

Happy Friday Jr. loves! It's been a while, but hey boos! 
 Ya'll know that shopping is a huge part of my life, and who I am as a person. Since moving to Charlotte, my options for shopping malls have increased greatly, but what is also a big plus for me is being able to stop and satisfy my sweet tooth when all my money has been spent. I love to shop at Concord Mills, and I love to go by the Cinnabon there to get my sugar fix.
I've loved Cinnabon since I was a kid, so we go way back, and they are always in a mall lol! I think that it is pretty obvious that we are made for each other. When I go for a shopping trip, I love to stop by Cinnabon to get a classic roll and a Mochalatta Chill. Best combination ever, and that is not up for debate. It's literally the best thing to be able to combine my shopping experience with a warm, gooey classic roll, with extra frosting. Once I start eating, I just get lost in it!
What I love about Cinnabon is my experience every time I make a visit. Let's be real, your shopping trip should always be sweet and easy, but that's not always the case. However, with Cinnabon, I've never had to wait a long time to be served and the customer service is always on point. So even if a store didn't have my size in that top I wanted, I feel better because I know that classic roll will never betray me, it's always in my size!
If I want to continue  my love affair with Cinnabon, I'll get a couple of rolls to go that I snack on throughout the week, like I said, I get lost in those rolls, and they are gone before I know it.
This post is sponsored by Cinnabon and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. 
I love ya'll, be blessed, and stay fab!

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