Today's Prescription: Polka Dots + Colorblocking

Happy Friday boos! I'll just hop straight into this look for today. Fall is my favorite season, and though the temperatures are dropping, I want to continue to keep my looks consistent. Mixing prints is a big thing for me, so I don't ditch doing it in the fall, I just darken it up a little.
Target is one of my favorite places to shop, and the "Who What Wear Collection" is my absolute favorite! I mean, have ya'll seen their pieces? They are some heavy hitters! Especially this skirt. I love stripes and colorblocking, so to have both in one look, is a whole blessing. It's available in a few sizes, so get it while you can! 
For styling, of course I wore my a staple print-polka dots, with a little sequin action here and there. For shoes, I threw on a black pump and for lipstick, I chose dark and vampy. I love this look because you can wear it to church, work, or out. It's a whole winner.
I love ya'll, be blessed, & stay fab!


1 comment :

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