Today's Prescription: What to Wear on Easter Sunday

Hey ya'll! Easter is less than a week away, and if I’m being honest, I just purchased my dress yesterday. I’m usually not this last minute, but here I am. Either way, I have my look set for Sunday. I legit have to have my ducks in a row because Ciapha and his church are having a Sunrise service, so catch me in church sleepy and in need of coffee! I’m just kidding!

It’s no surprise that every year for Easter we go ham about getting an Easter dress to look our Sunday best. It’s no secret that I’m in love with suits, and all I’m saying is, it’s okay to wear something outside of the box. This suit set found here and here is perfect for Easter. The colors are perfect for Spring-lavender, mint, and a soft pink. I can’t even! For styling, I didn’t have to do much but my sandal heels and earrings.

Now, I know it’s a little low cut, but that’s nothing that a cami or blouse can’t fix. I literally love this suit ya’ll, but that’s nothing new.

So, who’s ready to wear something besides a dress this Easter? For more on this look, check out my Instagram here.