Today's Prescription: Adaptibility

Hey boos and babes! I’ve been in Charleston for a full month now, and I can say for the most part, it’s been a smooth transition. New places and things can be intimidating, and for me, it was a little scary because it’s the furthest I’ve every been from my family. I’m such a baby. However, through it all, I’m learning the importance of adaptability.

When it comes to putting looks together, we’re always looking for pieces that “go together” or match perfectly. Well, sometimes, you have pieces that aren’t always going to be supplement one another, but in moments like that, you adapt to make it work, just like anything else in life.

Today’s look is one where I had to figure out how I was gonna style these pants. Of course, with print mixing being a favorite theme for me, I chose to pair it this polka dot blouse with ruffle detail on the sleeves. It may not have been the first look in my head, but I adapted and made it work.

So whether you’re trying to style a unique piece, moving to a brand new place, or whatever,  I hope that you are gracefully adapting. It always works out, and being adaptable will take you to more places than you know.

I love ya’ll, be blessed, and stay fab!