Today's Prescription: Influencer Photoshoot Tips

It’s no surprise that I love blogging and being a micro-influencer. I love buying or receiving new items that I can share with y'all and get feedback on. Working with my photographer is great because he’s super talented and Charleston has given me a whole new batch of beautiful spots to shoot at. The best part? Coming up with new content and seeing those beautiful photos.  

However, some days, especially in this heat-I don’t feel like doing it. Shoots can drag, my feet hurt from walking in heels on uneven pavement, and don’t get me started with changing outfits in the car. Ya’ll, blogging is a process, but sometimes, there are things that make the process better. Today, I’m sharing with you how I make the process a little easier for me.

  1. Outfit Planning/Styling: I schedule out my outfits, usually a week or so before my shoots. I put them together in my head, write it down, and put them together for a try-on haul. I usually make my fiance and my little sister give feedback and decide from there. You can find this dress here.  

  2. Shooting Schedule: This one is very important for me. I have ONE photoshoot a month. I know it’s foreign, but my photographer is three hours away and neither of us need to travel that often. As a result, we shoot about five to six looks in one session. It saves time and money, and we’re always ahead of the game for the next shoot.

  3. Hair & Makeup: This goes with styling-I make sure my hair is good and prepared the night before and wake up two hours before to do my makeup. Yes, I do my makeup-we’re saving coins sis! I’ve only gotten my makeup done for my engagement shoot.

  4. Get Yourself in a Good Mood: While I getting ready, I often like to listen to music-secular or gospel, it just helps to get me in the right headspace to wear painful heels and stand in the sun for a couple of hours. I promise your shoots will go better as long as you feel great!

  5. Find the Right Photographer: Not only do you need a photographer who is familiar with influencer photography and can produce quality results, but more importantly, a photographer who cares about helping your take your brand to the next level. Brandon does that for me, so I know that my photos and ideas will come to pass with him, because his name is attached as well.  Ain’t nobody trying to work with someone who just wants a coin, and isn’t passionate about what they do.

  6. HAVE FUN: Shooting this outfit was fun for me. We shot in front of a stranger’s house who happened to be the sweetest ever. I met this cutie pie pup Harry Henning, follow him here, who was super playful and a natural in front of the camera. His owner was hilarious too. I even took my shoes off for this look. I was carefree, and the finished product was amazing! So while this is a serious thing, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy it.

So, those are my tips. If you have any tips you’d like to share or add, let me know in the comments!

I love y'all, be blessed, and stay fab!