Today's Prescription: My Current Favorite Dresses

Hey ya’ll, Happy Tuesday! I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend as much as I did. Nothing like good food and family I swear.

I love dresses. They are my favorite wardrobe piece in my closet. They cut down on prep time, they’re super versatile, and for me, comfortable.  I wear dresses year-round,  because some dresses are versatile enough to be able to wear when it is hot and cold, and others can be layered.  Also, if you’re a short girl like me, dresses can be easier than trousers that may drag on the ground and get super dirty.

Today, I’m sharing with you four dresses that I have or I’m crushing on that we both need in our closet yesterday.

Gingham Asymetric Dress: This is the dress that I’m wearing in this post. I LOVE this dress ya’ll. It’s super chic and I seriously thought about wearing it for my engagement shoot. It hugs in all the right places, it has a classic print.  It’s also currently on sale for $18.

Floral Volume Sleeve Skater Dress: This dress here. I STAN, I STAN. I love this one because this is the year-round piece. It’s colors are perfect for fall, and the style and material is perfect for warmer weather. It’s long enough, but not too long. For styling, I’d pair this dress with  some nice white booties. Easy.

Geometric Floral Dress: Yes, a dress from Aliexpress. If you know, you know. This is one of my “Future First Lady” dresses. It keeps me covered, but it’s a piece where I can still hold on to my personal style. My favorite feature about this piece is that it’s one print with mixed prints. I love it.

Asos Design Sripe Maxi Dress: This dress is similar to a dress that I have here. It’s a little longer striped, and you can never have too many of those. It gives me a 70s vibe, and it’s perfect for someone who loves muted colors.

Obviously, I love dresses, and I’m sure you do too. If I missed any dresses, be sure to hit me up!

I love ya’ll, be blessed, & stay fab!